Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Bee

My my my, in the midst of the madness we call life, we almost forgot about our blog! Shame I tell you! Shame! But all is good now because here we are with tons of updates!

1) Job-age
        ~ Josh has moved from the Movie Theater to a more suiting job at O'Reilly's. Now he can tinker and play with cars all day and talk about them to random strangers! It's also a plus because I don't have to try to understand what he;s saying since he'll have others to talk to yay <3

        ~ I am still at Hardees (whomp). But I applied to a daycare since I love babys and children so much, and I am waiting on a call. They said my application looked promising, so here's hoping!

2) Family
        ~ This weekend my father goes out of town for a wedding in California (lucky duck), so I will be house sitting and dog sitting and horse sitting. Don.t worry I'll stand at some point :) but expect alot of photos of animals in a couple of posts or two coming up! 

3) Knowledge
       ~ For those who do not know, I am enrolled in 2 colleges. An online college for Aryuvedic Medicine (Herbs and spices to heal) and John Tyler Community College for Arts. Today is actually my first day! I'm super nervous.

Hope your day is well :)

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