Our Story

In 2007 we were going to Carter G. Woodson Middle School.
Our history teacher was Mr.Wheat.
Our best-friend was Kayleigh.
Our secret crush was Each-other.

The Story

Amber never told Joshua she liked him, simply because she thought he was smarter then her, and he wouldn't want a dumb blonde. So she never really said anything. He thought she was too popular for him. They simply enjoyed the fact that they were friends. For the most part anyways. At the 8th grade dance, Amber had a date already. But Josh's bailed on him. Kayleigh and another girl in class danced with him all night. And Amber was so sad that other girls (one being my best-friend) was grinding on him.
But 8th grade ended and high school popped up. She went to the local public high school, while Josh, being the smarty-pants he is, was accepted into the governor's school. Of course facebook didn't exists then. So they lost touch. The end of their 9th grade year Amber's father packed her up to move to the middle of nowhere on a 54 acre farm. She got engaged her senior year, but it fell through. Josh had found a girl his ninth grade year and they stayed together through out high school but broke up the summer after.
After they graduated Amber moved back to her hometown with her mother. She hadn't heard from Josh, or really anyone in 4 years and she felt lonely. Soon though she was reconnecting with old friends and doing good. But one day, a random number texted her phone. The person was saying how much they loved her photography. She was flattered. They gave her hints to who they were:
- I'm close to you, but not close enough to know who you are now.
- I have brown hair.
- I wear contacts now.
- We sat beside each-other in Mr.Wheats class.

It was him! 
They reconnected and have been inseparable ever since.

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