Get to know Us

Amber and 2 of her brothers.

I was born October 30th and I hate holloween. I am an 19 year old loser.  My mom is my best friend. I love my animals more then anything. Cooking is something I enjoy. Nacho flavored Doritos and Tootsie Rolls are my addictions. I love to paint. I write stories, songs, and poems. I was voted most unique in high school. I have every Barbie movie. PlayStation 2 is the best. I read Twilight before it was big. (Go team Jacob) I'm going to college for Ayurvedic Medicine and hope to one day own my own business. I sleep with a stuffed Caterpillar named Legs. I despise people who always have to be right. Boys get on my nerves and I personally think we should milk them for what they are worth and then burn them (except you Josh :D). I don't have too many friends but that's okay, more friends, more drama. I like to sing karaoke, and I am scared of feet.


I'm 19 and I am pretty ab-normal. I like old cars, old music, and just old things in general. I am so called 'good at everything I do' (Amber's words) but I just try and make everything I do work. And although I don't type a lot, I can talk your ear off.

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