Monday, March 26, 2012

The Romance Between

For being so very young, our relationship is pretty grand.
I have had some folks ask how we do it.
In all honesty I don't know.
But I'll try.

Love Letters

My typewriter

One day while rummaging (I guess) through his attic, Josh came across his grandmothers old typewriter. Soon I was getting cute little notes in my mail box in old school writing. And me being the old school girl I am, I loved it. 
I have a typewriter but the ribbon is not so well, so until I figure it out, I hand-write him back. That is unless I'm at his house and I sneak onto his and write him one really quick.

Small Gifts of No Reason

My favorite flower

I often find myself receiving texts from him with the words:
"I got a surprise for you."

The above photo is roses he gave me one day because I was in a slump. He's also been known to give me a bag of Skittles from time to time (they are the cure all). The latest gifts were my typewriter (<3) and actual 1950's dress patterns. I do not have a job at this time, so it's hard for me to buy him gifts but I am (if I do say so) pretty creative, so most of gifts to him include drawings and such.
It's all in the meaning behind it.

Confession Time

Josh and Pewee at Grammy's
This tradition was actually started with me and my mother. It really helps get things off your chest. Usually involved comfort food and a box of tissues. The idea is to tell the person what you want to get off of your chest, but they aren't allowed to yell or get overly upset. You confess something you did or didn't do or an idea you have they might not like. Or something that is bothering you. In my experience no matter how bad the 'confession' was, there's always hugs at the end.

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