Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Kitchen


Today is all about my favorite room of any house, the kitchen. As mentioned in my previous post, it will have pink. Now I'm not talking "pink overload", but just. . . pink accents. I plan on :

White Walls and Cabinets:
I like the island/breakfast bar a lot. But I'm also obsessed with cabinets and shelves and drawers, so I felt this was a nice look. I probably will give it more of an older feel, not so up-to-date since the house all together will look older. Overall I want the kitchen to feel that my grandmother's, grandmother's, grandmother's, great-grandmother's mother had been there.  

With Pink Appliances:

See? Not overwhelming pink-ish-ness. Just slight touches here and there. I'll probably have pink decorative plates and some other accents around.

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