Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Dream House

So I was mozy-ing around online and came across this photo.

I fell in love right away and have decided that I will build (one day) a home just like it! Maybe just a little more spruced up. So here is the layout I found and edited some:

The office will be used for well. . . office stuff :) I plan on a little library wall in the office full of  books. Maybe two desks, one for me, one for Josh, so we wont have to wait on one another. I do know though that I only want computers in this room. Yes, even laptops. I feel technology really does take over ones life. And I don't want it to control mine :)
Josh and I both do photography, and although I'm a digital type of girl, Josh loves film, so I figured throwing in a Dark Room wouldn't hurt. It can be his "man cave" for the time being.
We both also enjoy Arts and Crafts. Well . . . he likes to draw and I like doing everything else! I was introduced to DIY Projects by my mother who is in-love with watching other people do them, haha. I'm sure if she had more time to spare she'd be making all kinds of stuff. But I figured, why can't I?
Around the rest of the home I plan to decorate with old car parts and our photography. Pretty cool eh?
Oh and my kitchen will be Pink!

I know this dream probably wont happen for years to come, but its never to early to start planning!

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